A prescription for color, doctors orders…

I’ve been living in shades of gray for the past couple of years and I am sooooooo ready for COLOR! Like can I just spice up my life by adding some deep rich greens, blues and pink! YES pink! I used to have a passionate dislike for pink but now I’m in love with it. Mostly nude pinks but all the same. And oh dear god, I have been introduced to this whole pom pom craze but I’m thinking I can potentially incorporate them in my decor for just some serious fun. Because why not? We don’t need to be so serious all the time. Vibrant color and fun decor just makes you feel alive. Well, atleast for me it does.

And I can’t seem to get enough coffee today. I’m dragging for no good reason except maybe I’m dehydrated? Like, I can never seem to drink enough water. And also, if I’m being honest, toddlerhood is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g!

Anyway, I am currently working on these new wall banners with some fun colors and symbols. This one is familiar to most, I assume. The downward triangle represents not only feminine but also the water signs of the zodiac (pisces, cancer, scorpio). And since I am a pisces/aries cusper I thought it was fitting. Hopefully I can get some nice photos and list them on my shop soon. Etsy: MyTinyAtelier


IMG_9177 (1)

Off to get more coffee and clean up the giant mess made by Quinn in the 5 minutes it took me to write this!! K-bye

Find me on Instagram @candiceskenn + @mytinyateliershop

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